Do It Yourself Termite Treatment – Everything You Need To Know

A single question we’re asked a lot; can I treat termites myself? What do I need to learn about DIY termite treatment? Just how much expertise do I need to do my insect control? Where will i even start? Contrary to popular belief, treating these awful pests yourself can be easier you think. In fact, with a little research, the proper products, a little time and the right technique, do-it-yourself termite control can be considered a great option for any homeowner, regardless of experience level. termite inspection for home purchase

Must i do the Job Myself?

This is one we hear a lot and frankly, the one which gets asked in many home improvement arenas. That doesn’t matter if you aren’t treating termites or doing other home improvements, the initial thing you need to determine is if you have know how, tools and desire to do your own work. Regardless of the job, you must know the amount of work ahead of you before you take on any home improvement or termite treatment job. If you can’t picture each of the steps involved in the job, it could be best to hire a professional, however; if you’re comfortable with the steps engaged, go for it!

Can be there an infestation?

Identifying the occurrence and intensity of termites is the first step to the DIY termite treatment job. You must check the interior and exterior of your home for symptoms of termites. The information you ascertain from this 20 minute step will help you determine immediately if you will be calling a specialist. If you see excessive termite pontoons or rotted wood in and around the home, a DIY project may be a long and tedious task. If you do not see signs of termites, or signs are minimal, precautionary termite treatment may be the only thing you need. This process can be pretty easy by useful tips.

Preventative Pest Control – Pick up the next:

1. Termite Baiting Devices

Relatively speaking, precautionary termite control is one of the easier do it yourself termite therapies. This can be completed with a few otc products and a few hours of moderate work. Search the term Insect Baiting System in Yahoo to get a variety of companies that sell termite products in the web. Apply your zip code to the search and you may find a local company that offers the same products (not available in all areas). We suggest an Advanced Termite Baiting System to become your preferred termite treatment method. These baiting systems will help apply a precautionary measure to your property for up to a year. You will discover similar pest baiting systems at your local home improvement store however; these tend to be ineffectve than the advanced version. The best termite baiting systems we have found cost between almost eight to 15 dollars. Every baiting system will inform you the best way many devices you need to pay your property. These baiting systems should be checked regularly to ensure they continue to be effective around your home.

DIY Termite Treatment (more advanced; requires some do it yourself skills) – Pick up the subsequent:

1. 1/2 in by 18 inch long concrete drill bit

2. Hammer Drill

3. Insect Chemical compounds

4. Chemical Sprayer or funnel (power sprayer preferred)

5. Concrete area filler

6. Putty cutlery

More complex DIY termite repellent techniques may be required with regards to the severity of your current infestation. These techniques are more advanced and require more involvement nevertheless the information below will help you tackle the job. As explained above, another Google search for Insect Treatment Chemicals will provide you with a collection of local and online retailers. The quantity of chemicals you need will rely upon the size of your property. The chemicals you will find will give you an calculate. In our experience, buy more than you want; it never hurts to overdo it. The method you’re about to use will create liquid chemical substance barrier around your home so termites are wiped out when they return subway.

Taking your drill and drill bit, you’ll need to drill holes about 4 inches away from the house, spaced doze inches apart. When you aren’t done, you’ll essentially have drilled holes around the complete perimeter of your home (and inside the garage), all spaced about doze inches apart. Employing your high power sprayer, force as much chemical in each hole as the pit will permit. Remember, more is better in this step. Once you’ve added chemicals to each hole around your home, you’ll need to patch the gaps with the concrete area mix and your putty knife. The amount of time it will require for this process varies depending on size and accessibility of your property’s perimeter. Adding pest bait stations around your home in addition to the above techniques is an efficient way to eliminate and prevent termites.

Various other Things You’ll Want to Consider

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before strolling head first into doing termite treatment yourself. The severity of your pests is a key aspect of this analysis, as it provides you with the data you’ll need to determine cost (amount of termite control products to buy) and time associated with the project in advance. Furthermore, in the event you need documentation that termite treatments have recently been done on your property, DIY might not exactly be for you. If you’re offering your home and the contract requires termite treatment to be completed before the sale, only and professional termite company provides you with what you will need. But, after reading these steps and you’ve established that you’re capable and willing to do the job yourself, this can be a good way to save money and give yourself a win against these wood-destroying bugs!

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