Shasta Cascade Region – California’s Winter Wonderland

On the off chance that you are searching for an asylum to avoid the hordes of better known parks and goals of California, then you would discover the Shasta Cascade Region a year-round heaven for open air lovers, where a wide range of entertainment exist on Lassen and Mount Shasta. In this district, you will locate the best offices for fly-angling, expressions, galleries, music, and other urban enhancements you can name of. We should investigate what anticipates you in this locale one by one! shasta_lake-768x512

Expressions and Culture

Chico and Redding are the biggest and most urbanized urban areas in the Shasta Cascade Region; in any case, these two urban areas still have the residential community and country feel. As of late, Redding constructed the second most celebrated extension of California comfortable Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Known as the school town, Chico is the place you will discover open figure, workmanship exhibitions, and paintings in its mainstream notable downtown. You will likewise find exhibitions with manifestations of neighborhood craftsmen, celebrations, and unrecorded music scenes in other littler groups in the territory.

Open air Fun and Excitement

The Shasta Cascade Region is a heaven for individuals who adore outside: huge expanses, tall mountains, and genuinely few individuals. Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta are the essential installations on the district’s horizon. On the pinnacle of these two mountains and their encompassing lakes and backwoods, you can find a wide range of experience. The streams around there are home to the state’s best fly-angling! The Lake Shasta has even been labeled as the “houseboat Mecca of the World”.

Family Fun

The Shasta Cascade Region has everything to offer with regards to family-companion fun, whether you are coming here with youthful, old, or brood! From its amusement parks in abundance with most recent crazy ride and different sorts of rides, to very close experiences with various sorts of creatures, bear in mind to get your relatives and companions and hit the street for a one Groovy Shasta Cascade Region California getaway!


Wine, wine, wine… this is the thing that this territory of California has been exceptionally celebrated for! Be that as it may, beside wine, you will discover pearls in the residential areas and groups in the district, serving delicious every single American most loved, for example, blue-lace grill, generous breakfasts, and obviously, pop! Obviously, for the individuals who need extravagance and advancement, you will likewise discover upscale fine eat in eateries having some expertise in California wines and nearby deliver.

Winter Fun

At the point when water begins to stops and snow begins to fall in the Shasta Cascade Region, ample opportunity has already past to get outside and have a ton of fun! The area’s valleys, mountains, lakes, and knolls give the landscape an extraordinary place for snowboarding, downhill skiing, boondocks and crosscountry skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling, sledding, and obviously, ice angling!

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