Henna Penna – The Unique Body Art

Henna Penna has not just made henna body workmanship speedy and simple, it is accessible now in a few appealing hues. Henna body workmanship has turned out to be very well known in the West as of late and rose as the best choice for the use of brief tattoos, other than body henna being popular as a stunner item. A few new magnificence items that are henna based are currently accessible in the market, from impermanent tattoos to lipsticks. penna 3d  penna-3d-3dyaya-nuovo-modello

Why Henna Penna

The premier favorable position of henna body craftsmanship with the Henna Penna is that it is totally normal. There are no fake added substances, hues or additives. It is ecologically neighborly and ok for the skin. Envision a pen that is loaded with common henna extricate, instead of ink. You could utilize it to draw on different plans effortlessly, either free-hand or with the utilization of a stencil. The henna dries rapidly and the shading remains focused just about a week. At that point you could either revive the shading or make it darker with reapplication or make a radical new plan. The Henna Penna can as effectively be utilized as make-up, as eyeliner or lipstick. Indeed, you could draw on a delightful plan around the neck as opposed to wearing adornments. Furthermore, it comes in different hues, from a rich mahogany to dark and even emerald green. The two-tipped pen permits you to make unpredictable outlines with the thin tip and fill in shading with the thicker tip. The decisions are unending with Henna Penna.

Shifted employments of the Henna Penna

The Henna Penna doesn’t stop at body workmanship. Presently you can utilize the Henna Penna for cosmetics also. The Henna Penna is presently accessible in Henna Eyes, Henna Lips, Vitamines Eyes, Vitamines Lips and even as lip sparkle and lip ointment. The eyeliners and lip liners are accessible in six distinct shades and the Vitamines range is strengthened with Vitamin E and C to support the skin. No other characteristic item could give you this wide a scope of utilizations, effortlessly of utilization and no hurtful symptoms.

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